Social Media and Fashion

When I think of Social Media, I used to think of friends. Nowadays, most of the users or profiles I follow are mainly companies and businesses. I recently read this article about fashion brands who favor Instagram over more well established social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Last post I ranted about the business aspect of Twitter, but this article kind of elaborates more that Twitter’s limitation is its own 140 character count and that other social medias are preferred. Fashion brands need a more interactive way of showcasing their brand and with the new Facebook News Feed makes it hard to filter through all the white noise that is being shared. This makes it hard for brands to interact with customers. This is where Instagram flies in and swoops the brands off their feet. Along with a new platform, Snapchat, companies are using Instagram and Snapchat to increase their “organic reach”. Organic reach is being able to contact potential customers for free on social platforms. More info on the article above!

The PULSE of Hello World?

Social media is a huge part of my generation and I, myself, have recently got involved into the “twittersphere” of my own group of friends, and the world of course. I recently came up on this article about Twitter traversing in gray areas that might be detrimental to Twitter’s business side. The article states that Twitter’s strength is being¬†THE PULSE¬†of the world, which is true. Twitter serves as the fastest world bulletin board and this is irreplaceable in terms of speed and communication, but the limitations of Twitter itself, 140 character limit, can only produce news to a certain extent in terms of quality.

It’s just crazy to think that Twitter, as big as it got in my generation, might be spiraling downwards because of it’s own limitation that it placed on itself. More details in the article here

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